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Every ministry needs to shift to apostolic thinking. The Church must move from a pastoral mindset to that of apostolic mindset. It is a way of thinking in the NOW and not relegating everything to the future. We must learn how to do that. EVERY SINGLE BELIEVE NEEDS APOSTOLIC IMPACT! Dr. Kluane Spake Leading 21st Century REFORM -- Equipping Today's Reformers! http://kluane.com [email protected]

It is sooooo wonderful that you have decided to take a look at this course on Apostolic IMPACT!

EVERY SINGLE BELIEVE NEEDS APOSTOLIC IMPACT! Each believer needs to learn to be confident and forceful in their assignments. This kind of thinking is needed for every parent or for ANY job you hold. That's why this course is sooooo important.

     Did you sense that the Lord has gifted you with an Apostolic Mindset?

     Do you believe that the Lord has given you some sort of apostolic assignment for your life?

This course on "Apostolic Impact" begins to explain the calling of an Apostolic Minister. Now, be sure... not everyone is a five-fold apostle. You can also be an apostolic prophet, apostolic teacher, an apostolic musician, or an apostolic accountant!

IMPACT is about gaining the MINDSET that pulls you into discovering strategy and developing answers! Every believer can develop a more keen mindset that focuses on the SOLUTIONS TO PROBLEMS.

Enrolled students will explore numerous facets of this calling and answer this critical question, "Am I an apostolic believer?" AND... "How can I apply the apostolic to what I do -- right now?"

     Learn what YOU do best and how to make that apply to what is needed.

     Learn the necessity of Finding the MORE!

     Be released in greater understanding of your own identity and purpose.

     Define the role of an apostolic minister.

     Identify the biblical purposes of being apostolic in your thinking.

     Learn how apostles think.

     Learn how an apostolic minister can function with more impact in the Church and in the world.

Examine how your own spiritual awareness will change and develop.

Get Ready to CHANGE!


COURSE DETAILS: Apostolic IMPACT is a course to develop you personally. You will have lifetime access to this course on your phone, tablet, and computer.

You can print out the IMPACT lessons -- and use that to also take notes on the other articles and videos for this course.

As you study this material, you will hopefully want to change a few things about the way you think! That is wonderful -- and it also can be a problem. A lot of times, when we have done things a certain way for awhile and then decide we want to change -- other people  don't like it when we change!

  1. Be sure you have mastered the topic and are living it BEFORE you ever share it with someone else. The most important thing about this lesson is that you be authentic! Don't try to ministry like anyone else.. trust the God in YOU!! That's soooo important.

As we look at "MORE," it means you will move forward in your doctrines and theology. That is a good thing! Be excited for the MORE. MORE IS like when the lightning hits the ground and earth and heaven collide. MORE LIGHTS UP THE DARKENED SKY WITH NEW REVELATION AND UNDERSTANDING

  1. YOU CAN CHANGE OTHER PEOPLE'S MINDS ABOUT YOUR MORE -- BUT ONLY AFTER YOU LIVE IT, BREATHE IT, AND CAN BE AN EXAMPLE OF THAT TRUTH. THEN...  DO IT SLOWLY. Each new idea must be presented bit by bit. Line upon line. Don't come in with a big new revelation and expect people to love it! You have to carefully lay the ground work
God's Friend & Yours
 Dr. Kc